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Welcome to the Romantic Healthcare Clinic - 'For Those Who Love Life'

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Romantic Healthcare is a comprehensive, systematic approach to illness, whether acute or chronic, physical or psychological, metabolic or behavioral. It is highly effective and safe, even for infants and in pregnancy. 

We offer a unique comprehensive and systematic health program that creates a truly practical and affordable individualized healthcare plan for you and your family.


We first identify the underlying causes of your health issues, based on a comprehensive map of all possible stress factors and then provide a treatment plan and program specifically for you. 

Treatment is organized in stages to match your needs, and involves both regimenal factors (nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, detoxification, etc.) and specific blockages to healing (shocks, traumas, inherited factors, iatrogenic insults, etc.). 

Visit the new Romantic Healthcare Clinic to find out more about the treatment program. 

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